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This Portrait required a varnish removal to improve the reading of the Portrait. The Jacket had altered in tone due to
the heavily discoloured and degraded varnish


James Watt Snr.(1689-1782), Before restoration. james Watt Snr.(1689-1782),After restoration.

James Watt Snr. (1689-1782)- Father of the renowned Scottish inventor James Watt whose improvements to the Steam Engine were fundamental to the changes brought by the Industrial Revolution.


Heavily discoloured and degraded varnish obscuring true tonal values of the Painting.


Thomas Watt(1642-1734), Before restoration.

Thomas Watt(1642-1734), After restoration.

Thomas Watt (1642-1734)- Grandfather of the renowned Scottish inventor James Watt.


Image of james Watt Snr.during restoration process (1)

Image of James Watt Snr. during restoration process (2)

Images of James Watt Snr. during the restoration process


Animated clips of paintings during restoration process

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